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I haven't updated in quite some time, and the last few posts have been rushed. Too much Facebook time, to be honest. But I've decided to start updating fics and original stories and to make them easier to find. My archived stuff here:
Partly due to a rather traumatic and depressing few years, plus fluctuating health, I just haven't been able to write much. And for a while, my focus was on trying to find a job and keep it. Now I have that, and time to write. I felt freer and more inspired on Livejournal, where I met most of my online friends. Because I used to actually enjoy writing and many other creative pursuits, I've decided to polish off a few of my unfinished fanfics for practice. They will be tagged #AU for alternate universe or alternate timeline, to reflect changes in the actual series they were inspired by. (In the Arms of an Angel, for example, was written before the last two Harry Potter books came out, so there are a few major deviances from the original series.) Anyway, just wanted to put that out there.
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Right now, I have a major fear which is based in reality: drowning. We live on a boat right now, and I'm so terrified at times that someone will fall overboard. I wake up in a panic at 3am, worried that one of our kids is going to fall into the water when they get up to use the marina restroom in the middle of the night. But the main fear is that I am not cut out for this life. Sometimes I want to give up trying to learn about boating and go back to living on shore, but we don't have any income right now. My current fear is that we'll freeze because we won't have shore power to run our heater. Poverty and the fear of failure are difficult to overcome.

I've had a few phobias, though, which I finally worked through because I was tired of compensating for them. For example, I had a fear of down escalators. I'd freeze and panic, and be unable to make myself step onto them. However, as a parent, I couldn't keep skipping them each time we went to the mall or I had to take the subway. So I compensated by holding onto the right handhold and stepping sideways onto the first step. It turned out that I had vertigo; once I knew that there was a reason for feeling so disoriented, the fear lessened. Stepping off the boat onto docks or into dinghies falls under the same category. The same goes for my fear of crossing bridges and riding a bike. I hated feeling off-balance and disoriented. I still don't ride bikes, but I'm going to have to relearn. 
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[Error: unknown template qotd] A few. The first celebrity that I'd met was Joe McIntyre, just before he became famous. At the time, my friends and cousins were all gaga over some local band called the New Kids on The Block, but I'd only heard one song by them and that was because of my jazz routine. My family is from South Boston, MA, originally, so I'd often hang out in the Dorchester area. A bunch of girls were following him, and I remember thinking, "Geez, what did he do to piss off so many girls?" My second thought was that he was sort of cute, so I dragged him aside while they ran past. I had absolutely no idea who he was, and once I had his attention I had no idea what to say to him. I mumbled something stupid like, "I like your hat", because it looked like mine. (Shut up, I was twelve.) We were both a little awkward, both trying to play it casual, and he was, like, all "I'm in a band, you know?" I completely missed the fact that he was flirting with me. I thought he was just being friendly when he asked if I wanted to go to a party later. I told him that my cousin was expecting me. He said that she could come along, but I declined. I mean, at twelve, hell, sixteen... I would never dream of lying to Mom and taking off with some boy I'd just met. When I met up with my cousin later, I was kicking myself, especially when I recognized his face from her posters. What's more, a few months later I received a comforter and sheet set, so for two years, I literally slept on his face.

At a Red Sox game, I bumped into Stephen King, which was way cooler than meeting Ben Affleck. It says a lot about the difference between me and my cousins that they would have oohed and ahhed over Ben, but I was total fangirl over Stephen.

Then, a few years ago, I went to my first sci-fi convention out in Quincy, MA. Among highlights of that event were meeting Virginia Hey, Terry Molloy, Erin Gray, Teryl Rothery, and Marina Sirtis. I was so psyched to meet Terry, because I'd grown up on classic Who, and I often wonder what he thinks of the new series. Marina was nice enough, but I really clicked with Virgina. Funny story: I am notoriously short, and Virginia is this gorgeous Amazon of a woman. She's an exotic bird, alright, and I absolutely adore her voice. When she went to hug me, her breasts were at eye level for me. I couldn't stop blushing or smiling around her. That's when I knew...

I so wanted to find a button that said, "I Hugged A Bond Girl." ^_^

I've met The Cliks: Lucas Silveira, Morgan Doctor and Jen Benton. They were performing at T.T. The Bear's in Cambridge, MA., and I flew to Boston for the night just for the concert. I wanted to have fun and listen to good music. In concert, Lucas was like a queer Elvis; so much charisma, passion, and love of music. For most of the night, I was so close to the stage. I was completely blown away by their music, and developed a bit of a crush on Lucas. (Big surprise.) Later, as we both were leaving, I asked Lucas about his tattoo. Suddenly, I was twelve again, tongue-tied and totally in awe of the person next to me. It was pretty funny, to be honest.

The rest of the people that I've met have mostly been through livejournal, but it's not like I have met them offline. (Tamora Pierce, Annette Blair, Diane Duane, etc.) It still amazes me that I talk to famous people on an almost daily basis, that they lead relatively normal lives and that I feel so at ease with them. A lot of the time, I'm pleased to find that we have things in common, or that they've responded to one of my comments. It's been pretty cool, really.


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