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NewsHackers spammed epilepsy site with seizure-inducing images and links. Since my husband and daughter were both diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age, I am disgusted. This shit is not funny. This shit is malicious and cruel.

Watched an episode of Graham Norton. I love this show, and I'm glad that my mom's been watching it as well. Because of John Barrowman and Graham Norton,  the whole bisexual issue is not so much an issue with her anymore. It's not like she hasn't known gay people before, mind you, but it's a whole different ballpark when your child comes out. It seems like I was destined to be the rebellious one, the one who challenges her perspective. I never imagined that I'd be the kid who'd question authority the most.

There's a reason why my first boyfriend nicknamed me Bombshell, and it's not just because I was built like Dolly Parton. I'm like wildfire or lava... I sweep through, stir things up, and leave a bunch of people behind, scratching their heads and wondering what the hell just happened. My mind makes lightspeed jumps from subject to subject, and sometimes it's difficult for others to follow my tangents. I'm a chatterbox, prone to vocal explosions and squeals of geeker joy. I used to be extremely energetic and driven by whatever impulse had control over me at the time. I'm a tightrope walker without a net. I don't think of myself as a natural leader, although most Aries are described as such. I'm always shocked when I realize how much people look to me for guidance, because I'm making it up as I go along.  I don't advise others to do what I do, but to follow their own paths. I'm a fly by the seat of my pants sort of girl. I'm also a bit mad... but you knew that already.

Fun Stuff
While I still have the cash, I'm scheduling an appointment for the tattoo. I know that something is bound to come up at the last minute to dissuade me. Many times I've said that I can wait, and then buy something for my kids instead. In the past, I've made excuses and gone without buying necessary items like new shoes or well-fitting clothes. Why would I spend money on something for myself that is considered frivolous, when I have bills to pay?  Yet, if we had enough money in the bank after paying bills, my husband would not pause long before deciding to pick up the latest game or get a haircut when he needed it. (In fact, he bought new broadcasting equipment the other day so that he could record voice-overs from home. He's working full-time now, but doing voice-acting on the side.) So, the self-sacrificial part of my nature may be laudable in some ways, but otherwise it sort of blows. And sometimes it's unnecessary.

I've planned this for at least two years. I haven't changed my mind. Damn the torpedos, and full speed ahead!


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