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As many of you know, my husband and I have been writing for Currently, I am the Providence area Animal Rescue Examiner, and Bryan is the New England Patriots Examiner, Science and Space Examiner, and the Toys, Games and Gear Examiner. (The latter two positions are national, while the former two are regional.) The cool thing is that this weekend he was able to go on location for the first time as media. Wicked awesome, especially as it was to cover Zoltan Mesko and other Pats players who participated in the Kids Trialthlon.

Now, this is a pretty big thing to begin with, but the added bonus was that he was able to write about a really sweet example of brotherly love, which many of you may enjoy reading about... So here it is:

Brothers inspire, amaze at New England Kids Triathlon

And remember, clicking "like" on our articles, videos, slideshows, etc means more money for sausages and toboggans. (^_^)
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My husband and I both are writing for the website. He is the New England Patriots Examiner; clicking on his articles provides us with money for sausages and toboggans... (^_^) 

As for me, my first article has been published: Love Is Adoptable at the Providence Animal Rescue League. It posted before I was finished editing it, but I think it's decent for a first run. My goal is to post a daily article about local rescues and adoptable pets, with weekly upcoming events.


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