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I haven't updated in quite some time, and the last few posts have been rushed. Too much Facebook time, to be honest. But I've decided to start updating fics and original stories and to make them easier to find. My archived stuff here:
Partly due to a rather traumatic and depressing few years, plus fluctuating health, I just haven't been able to write much. And for a while, my focus was on trying to find a job and keep it. Now I have that, and time to write. I felt freer and more inspired on Livejournal, where I met most of my online friends. Because I used to actually enjoy writing and many other creative pursuits, I've decided to polish off a few of my unfinished fanfics for practice. They will be tagged #AU for alternate universe or alternate timeline, to reflect changes in the actual series they were inspired by. (In the Arms of an Angel, for example, was written before the last two Harry Potter books came out, so there are a few major deviances from the original series.) Anyway, just wanted to put that out there.
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In brief:

I'm working on another fanvid, one fanfic, and original fiction, Foxfire. I haven't quite decided where the original fiction is going, chronologically speaking, although it does take place in my Aiko Kitsune: Werefox series.

Losing my Kitsune manuscript sucked, but it has forced me to do a much-needed rewrite. The original drew a bit too much inspiration from real life, and the problems that I'd faced are no longer at the forefront of my brain.

Hence, the original was cathartic and the rewrite will actually be more fun. Now I can keep the backstory, yet it will not eclipse the main plot.

I think that was what was causing the writer's block; I know what is in each character's background, but I do not need to reveal everything right away. Returning to Lunette's hometown was not meant to happen until the second book, Foxden. The character's past was not meant to overshadow the plot; it was supposed to be a chapter of backstory, a flashback only. There would be a few chapters of fallout, of course, but the main purpose of the exposition was to demonstrate that she had come a long way and had become a much stronger person than when she left home. Thus, she would be the patient one, the one who thinks things through in a relationship, as opposed to Kit, who is the energetic, impulsive one.

I like the new direction that the story is taking. Now, the first two chapters reveal a glimpse of backstory and serve as a catalyst for her decision to seize the day. From there, the focus will be on the character's journey, both physical and emotional. When the time comes to revisit her past, hopefully she will be more able to handle the issues that caused her to leave.

Tentatively, the books will all have fox-related words in the titles. I like Foxy Lady: the Nine Tales of Aiko Kitsune as a possible introductory title for the series. Other titles could be Crazy as a Fox, Foxglove, Outfoxed, Fox Den, Foxhunt, and Foxfire, for example. The main focus will be on Aiko "Kit" Kitsune, but the story will be told from the perspective of her lover, Lunette St. Claire-Reynard, for now.


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