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is currently north of Roanoke, VA on his way to Gaston County, NC to pick up 6 kitties that were scheduled for euthanasia if they were not picked up by Friday. This icon is never more appropriate than now, actually, as the fate of many animals there hang in the balance. Unfortunately, overpopulation and lack of shelter space is always a concern and it is now kitten season. In fact, one of the kittens (age 6mos) there is already pregnant.

So my husband is helping out my coworker by transporting them from NC to RI. So what if it means that he might miss my birthday on Saturday? This is the best birthday present ever! He knows what my heart wants even if I didn't ask him to help. (The other thing I want is for our siamese to be able to move in here. I'm still trying to get landlord approval.)

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My husband is my hero; he is helping my coworker by driving down to NC and picking up to six kittens up Friday from a shelter (some of whom had been scheduled for euthanization yesterday) and transporting them to RI. I can see no better way to celebrate the coming of spring and my birthday than this.
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OMG there are three kittens in my backyard with their mum. I was wondering what got my corgi all excited this morning, and why a tortoiseshell was in our yard. Apparently, he'd surprised her with her babies, so that is why she was hissing and swiping at him. ^_^ 
So, after putting Ringo inside,  we fed the mother cat and watched her nurse the babies, and I should have some pictures up soon as soon as the battery charges for the camera. For the time being, though, we're just going to let her stay there and keep the back gate closed until she is ready to move them.

EDIT: Before we went to the zoo, I noticed that the black kitten had fallen into the hole under the fence. There's about a three inch wide burrow formed from the aluminum siding and logs that keep the rats out. I decided to see if it could climb out on its own or if the mother would rescue it. By the time that we got back, though, I could still hear the kitten underneath the fence, so I dug the poor little thing out and filled in the hole. I tried not to handle the kitten as much as possible, only to warm it up with my sweater and then put my old sweater inside the doghouse so that the kittens and their mom had a warm place to rest with shelter from drafts. The other two soon followed and climbed inside to snuggle. All three kittens have been playing inside the doghouse, which is partially covered by the bushes now. The mother cat has been eating and drinking, so she seems rather content at present to allow me to remove the dishes and refill them, and also for us to watch the kittens nurse from two feet away. Thankfully, she immediately groomed her kittens as soon as they were returned to her, so we don't have to worry about her rejecting them. Make no mistake, she doesn't seem like she has dealt with humans much. However, she seems relaxed if a bit cautious, allowing her kittens to explore and run up to me and the kids. I told the kids that they are tiny, and that we can only touch one finger to their backs to pet them if they approach us.

The three kittens are just learning how to walk. One is an orange tabby; one is mostly black with white chin and paws; the third is all black except for the white star under its chin, just like my cat Midnight. The kids have given them temporary names: Nuit, Soleil, and Etoile. They have nicknamed the mother cat Luna. It's too bad that the camera battery was dying, because once the kittens got used to our presence, they were very interested in us.

My husband is going to be thrilled when he gets home tonight. *rolls eyes*


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