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Found out Sat that I am not scheduled until Fri and Sat, which is quite a drastic change from working 5-6 days a week. I asked for Tues. off for appointment, and then found this out. Don't know if this is going to be my new schedule for a while. Trying not to get paranoid about this; I mean, it could be temporary but I need consistent hours in order to pay bills, you know? So for right now, I'm just going to look at it as much-needed downtime and focus on cleaning and the kids. But if the boss is thinking of letting me go, I'm going to need to start looking for a job closer to home. Considering that staff has been quitting lately, it seems like odd timing to reduce my hours.

As for the kids, Aidan is doing better with more frequent therapy, even if it means home visits. She joined the boys' cross-country track team and signed up for chorus and band. Aidan and Bryanna were in the same chorus class. However, Aidan's schedule got flipped upside-down the second day of school. I was told that the reason was that Aidan was the only boy in that class, so the instructor wanted to place him in a mixed class. Rearranging the schedule meant that the kids that were bullying Aidan would now be in the same classes, as well, and she would not be able to take theater, either. Since this screwed up the rest of her schedule, we went down to the guidance office to straighten it out, and requested the old schedule back. I'd have fought for Aidan to remain in chorus, except that both kids realized it met in the evenings and decided to drop it. It was a well thought-out decision on both of their parts. They would have had to walk 2mi home and back again, and since cross-country meets daily, it would be too much for Aidan starting out. On the plus side, this means that Aidan can take guitar and Intro to Design, which makes her happier. And we found that the guidance counselor was very cool about transgender students and we have an ally on the faculty.

Bryanna is psyched about her schedule; she has Intro to Criminal Justice, Digital Media, Art and a music production class. Her classes this year have a definite emphasis on arts and entertainment. I thought she wanted to drop chrous because of her shyness, but that was only a small part of her decision. It's her senior year, and she wants to spend time pursuing what she is passionate about instead of just doing something that might be fun. Dropping chorus will free her up to become the Digital Media teaching assistant, which she wants more than chorus, anyway, so she isn't torn up about it. She's also psyched about the camera we bought her for her birthday; Aidan gave her the camera case and SD card.
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My daughter: dairy, penicillin, Hawaiian punch (no clue)
My son: lactose, penicillin, possibly grapefruit and certain detergents
Me: lactose, penicillin, benadryl, percocet, HFCS, cinnamon oil, dust, molds and mildews

Yesterday, my son broke out in hives after consuming a grapefruit, something which he doesn't have often. I thought that it might be a reaction to laundry detergent, as it covered his back, shoulders, neck and stomach. But upon waking this morning, I remembered that I'd given him one of my grapefruits and a citrus sipper after school. (Also that I know people who have citrus allergies.) Assuming it was an allergy, I gave him claritin and spread the aloe gel on him to relieve symptoms. Rash nearly gone by morning. Will follow up with his doctor.

That morning, however, I had gone to the nutritionist and explained my symptoms and how I wanted to make sure that I was getting the right nutrients. She advised adding more nondairy products to my diet and going for allergy testing, including gluten, as she sees many people who are lactose-intolerant develop a gluten sensitivity. (My joint pain and other issues seem to be red flags, in her opinion.) If that is the case, then at least I have a good support system on livejournal and facebook of celiacs.
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Here's what happened Sunday night:

Me and the kids were on the bus; sitting a few seats behind the kids was a crazy lady who complained that Bryanna was laughing. (Bryanna has some awesome news, which I'll get to in a moment.) She said that my daughter was being so annoying, so I replied, "I don't care if you think we're annoying, this has nothing to do with you. We're minding our business."

About five minutes later, she chucked hard candy at my head, which actually hurt. I muttered to the kids to just ignore her, that she was immature. I thought that was the end of this. As the bus approached my stop, a friend with her three little kids was getting off the bus as well, and they had candy in their hands and glum expressions on their faces. I told them that it's okay; I knew they didn't throw candy at me.

Then, as I exited the bus, I noticed that Bryanna wasn't next to me, that she was still on the bus and it appeared to me that the woman might try to start something with her. So I leaned in and asked, "Are you okay?" and held my hand out to Bree. Crazy then stepped off the bus and started yelling at me about talking about her and then grabbed me by the hair! I pulled free, losing a few chunks of hair in the process, and I said, "What's your problem?"

I started to put myself between her and my kids so I could hurry them away. Meanwhile, the bitch got hold of me again, and began punching me repeatedly in the face and head. She ripped my glasses off my face (I can't see beyond a foot in front of my face clearly) while I tried to tell my kids to take my wrist key and get their dad. The apartment was around the corner, so they ran. I started screaming at her, "Get your fuckin' hands off me, you crazy bitch!" and tried to defend myself, but kept punching me and slamming my head against the iron railing. I sank down to avoid her trying to throw me over the railing, as it was at least a 15ft drop, and, thwarted, she began kicking me in the ribs. All I could do until help arrived was to take the beating and just try to deflect the worst of it. I don't know if she ran off of her own volition or if someone had to yank her off of me. The last thing I saw was her black hoodie and hotpink pants.

My friend called the cops and people began slowing their cars down to ask what happened. That was when my panic attacks set in; I couldn't stop shaking all over and started to freak out because I'd lost vision in my right eye. Eventually the police and ambulance showed up, just after Bryan did. My friend found my glasses; miraculously, the frames were only bent. By the time I finished giving my statement and got a once-over by the EMTs, my vision began to clear up and they found the bitch.

They asked me to ID her from a distance and as I couldn't see well I said, "Well, [insert her description] but the woman who did this was wearing hotpink pants and a black hoodie." As I was about to wave her away, the other cop said that she'd been picked up after changing her clothing, and recommended that I take another, closer look. When I approached the vehicle, she tried to hide her face from me, and they made her look at me. She swore at me and tried to spit at me but the window was partly up. They asked if I recognized her face, and I said, "Yessir, and I recognize her voice, too." (to her)." Stay classy, and by the way, I wasn't laughing at you anyway."

Long story short is that I spent half the night in the ER getting checked out. Staff was worried that she might have fractured my cheekbone and given me a concussion, so I had a CAT scan and was sent home with a prescription for vicodin, eye ointment, and the standard 24hr watch. I feel and look much better than I thought I would, to be honest. The most noticeable thing is the gash across my eyelid and some scrapes on my cheekbones, possibly from when she ripped my glasses off.

The next morning, the PD called me to inform me that she was currently in jail, and that the judge, after hearing about the horrific nature of my injuries and my medical history of panic attacks and depression, ruled that she serve three months in jail with probation dependent on good behavior. Once she is released, she will be on probation and there is a no-contact restraining order against her to protect my family.
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My kids are dependable, responsible, intelligent, etc. In short, they are awesome and I thank my lucky stars daily that they are not into drugs or getting into the kind of trouble that you always hear about.

Which is why when my son did not come home from school today I was quite obviously worried...

I figured that he probably went to the library straight from school like his sister did, as it's on the way home and tonight is Anime Night. I usually pack sandwiches and meet both kids there before she goes to the youth center. However, I bumped into her first on her way there, and she said that he wasn't at the library. I walked to the library and let the security guard know to send him home if he sees him, and continued on to the school, which was being locked up by the janitor as I arrived. No Aidan.

Okay, cue panic attack; this town is pretty small, and there is nothing else to do. He doesn't usually go anywhere but the library or home after school. So I walked back, hoping maybe I had missed him, which was improbable as it's just one long, straight shot home from the school and library. When I got there, I said, "Please tell me Aidan is home with you..." to which he threw on his coat and shoes and we rushed out the door. I tried not to imagine the worst case scenarios. We called the hospital just in case he had broken his ankle or something and was being treated, and let the office know that we were searching for him.
At this point, he'd been missing three and a half hours.

Retracing our steps, we finally ran into him about a block from the library. Apparently, he'd gone to a friend's house to help with a school project and forgot to call us, but his friend's older sister was kind enough to walk back with him as she figured we were probably freaking out by then.

*tries to take deep, calming breaths...*


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