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I'm scared, and with good reason... we may become homeless on a technicality.

Please, anyone who has a home or wants to buy a home someday, please read this petition and do what you feel is within your power to uphold our Constitutional rights... The only way to ensure that someone like me does not lose their home in this situation is to help Congress change the way homeowners associations do business...

Did you know that homeowners associations have the power to take your home away for late payments on their association fees, or for fines against you for violation of lawn maintenance and painting your home, which you bought for somewhere around 300k, and that they then sell your property for around $2,000? That you lose all rights to your property, even though only banks had the right to foreclose on a mortgage?

I bought our home outright, from the sale of my in-laws home. We did not have a mortgage. We were unemployed for a year, and have been struggling to keep up with our utility payments... so the homeowner association fees piled up. We owe $660... since April.  And now, according to legal papers filed by their attorneys, the HOA has decided to foreclose on our home. We have until Jan. 7th to pay $1238 due to lawyers fees and the next payment which is due then. So, for less than $1000 debt, they are trying to force an eviction.

Do HOAs have too much power? Doesn't this sound un-Constitutional and morally wrong? But, guess what... due to a loophole, many people have lost their homes in the past five years due to absurd property law issues like this... Previously, only banks that held your mortgage could foreclose on your home. Now your local association can rip your family apart.

Please, take the time to respond to this post with your comments and opinions, and then talk to people you know. Let them know that even when you read the fine print upon buying a home, that you may still end up losing it...


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