Warren, RI

Apr. 25th, 2011 11:59 am
lunalovegoddess: (Honor Harrington)
We arrived Sat. and are currently trying to find a way to stick around here. The town docks aren't ready yet for the season, so we need to get a hold of the harbormaster about pumpout and moorings nearby, and whether we can have our dinghy sent to him. Crossing my fingers that we will be allowed to remain tied up where we are until the season officially starts, as the current is too swift for anchorage.

I'll fill you all in later on the trip up, but basically it took three weeks due to the weather. We made good time while we were traveling but had to drop anchor to wait out adverse conditions. My husband is in Providence job hunting today while I look online at the library. Hoping that we can work something out ASAP.

On a positive note, everyone is safe and happy. And our friends came by yesterday with an Easter basket and dinner to welcome us back. Little by little we will get ourselves sorted out, but it's great to feel welcome. We visited our friend with the corgi Daisy, which helped. Still missing our sea dog Ringo but we're holding up alright. It just seems so unfair that I'll never get to see him again He was so young; had we been able to get to shore, the vet might have been able to save him. But we'll never know and we can't dwell on it. And I can't devote time or energy towards hating Josh for slandering and blacklisting us down south. For now, I have to focus on starting fresh up here.

Thank you once again, friends, for words of encouragement, greeting cards, blankets, etc. It really helped us to get through the worst of the winter and remind us that there are people who care. Once we get stabilized, we will visit Boston. For now, just feeling grateful to be here.


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