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I haven't updated in quite some time, and the last few posts have been rushed. Too much Facebook time, to be honest. But I've decided to start updating fics and original stories and to make them easier to find. My archived stuff here:
Partly due to a rather traumatic and depressing few years, plus fluctuating health, I just haven't been able to write much. And for a while, my focus was on trying to find a job and keep it. Now I have that, and time to write. I felt freer and more inspired on Livejournal, where I met most of my online friends. Because I used to actually enjoy writing and many other creative pursuits, I've decided to polish off a few of my unfinished fanfics for practice. They will be tagged #AU for alternate universe or alternate timeline, to reflect changes in the actual series they were inspired by. (In the Arms of an Angel, for example, was written before the last two Harry Potter books came out, so there are a few major deviances from the original series.) Anyway, just wanted to put that out there.


Mar. 14th, 2012 06:09 pm
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Feeling better today, once I wrapped my brain around Leia's sudden death. I was reassured by vets and vet techs that Leia had a heart problem that was difficult to diagnose without a cardiac ultrasound. Basically, cats with HCM (hypertrophic cardiac myopathy) don't always have a heart murmur and Bengals are prone to this condition. Many show no symptoms until the very end, and in her case, any sudden,stressful event could have triggered a cardiac event. There might not have been testing available when she was a kitten. Now breeders are encouraged to screen for HCM before kittens leave their cattery.

I feel like I can put this to rest now, and just remember her funny quirks and intelligence. I am grateful for having had the pleasure of raising her since kittenhood and for having friends that did their best to make her feel loved and comfortable at the end.

*Their nicknames for her: PrettyGirl and Oh-Cat. (When we saw Puss In Boots, they cracked up laughing because she makes the "oh" face that the grey cat makes.) Although they were not cat people, she grew on them.


Feb. 29th, 2012 04:40 am
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No voice today. Finally came down with illness that's been going around. Found Theraflu that I'm not allergic to. Am hungry but cannot swallow anything complicated, so I'll have to send loverboy to the store for Tofutti. LOL

Apartment: Tomorrow may be moving day, as we got word last night that they received our security deposit and we need to come in to sign the lease and get keys. Can't move in, though, until we turn on the utilities, but overall, this works out really well. We receive a utility allowance which means that technically, we don't have to pay rent ourselves until we actually get hired and our income level changes, I can't wait to move in and to collect our storage. YAY!

Today's plan: packing and trying to use up food.

Cats: Feel better after talking with the foster group, who will check with the man who had fostered them before and had bonded with Leia about whether he would be willing to foster them again until we can make arrangements. Right now, she needs to be on antibiotics and prednisone for her bouts of colitis, which will fade once she is in a less stressful environment. Both cats love kids and have been gentle with the infant and toddlers, (TaunWe lets the baby tug his ears and flop all over him, and grooms her) but it's just too much for Leia to handle right now. The vet recommends getting her tested for feline leukemia, so I might do that on Friday when they get their FVRCP booster. They are up-to-date on their rabies until next Feb. so that's good.

Job: Need to let PARL know that we're moving and that I won't be in tomorrow. Still applying for jobs. Still volunteering. Haven't given up hope, but I wonder if maybe my address is part of what's been hindering the process. If employers google it and see that it's a shelter, they might get the wrong idea about me. But at least for now we will have our own place again and know that the rent is taken care of.

Grandmothers: March 2nd is my grandmother's 90th birthday, There is a family party on Saturday wihch we may be able to attend; we're looking into using a Zipcar, on the advice of a LJ friend. ^_^  My gran and I are very close friends, and its' been two years since I've seen her so I am determined to work things out this weekend. She still is fairly active, but is starting to slow down now.

Speaking of grandmothers, we spent yesterday with Bryan's gran. She wants to help us with furniture and/or a washer/dryer. Because we have w/d hookup.
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Teen Model "Too Fat" for Runway

"The average American woman is 5-foot-4 and weighs 163 pounds. The average supermodel is between 5-foot-9 and 5-foot-11 and weighs no more than 125 pounds. And as the United States spends $33 billion a year on diets and health professionals warn that the general population is getting fatter and fatter, the models get skinnier and skinnier — and so, too, do the girls and young women who try to emulate them."


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