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Meeting goals:
Scheduled EEG for Bree during the holiday break, so that's one less thing to worry about.
Got a few neglected chores taken care of, as well.
Lost ten pounds in one month!!! My nurse practitioner Diane is so proud of me. At this rate, 2 pounds per week, I should reach my immediate goal by Christmas, and my ultimate goal by my birthday. Thank you, Grandma Doreen, for the early Yule gift!
The Wii Fit has been the perfect solution for holiday fitness. Today's BMI, weight, balance tests, and training went so well. I'm really getting tha hang of things, and I'm even running! I can really see the difference that 35 minutes of aerobics, 10-20 minutes of warm-up/cool-down exercises have made. Plus, I walked the two miles from the office at a leisurely pace.

The Lexapro is doing wonders for me, seriously. The exercise is keeping me from falling asleep an hour after taking it, but I am allowed to take a short nap if necessary. Diane suggested taking a break from writing and computer activities to get a glass of water or stretch my legs if I start to feel drowsy. As for the inhaler and Meclazine, I am happy that I only need to use them as necessary. My asthma is mostly related to my allergies and/or exposure to cigarette smoke, but strenuous exercise used to bring on attacks, as well. Which is another reason why I'm loving my new morning routine. It lets me build up my strength and balance, improves my posture and lung capacity, and allows me to gradually increase the length of workouts without feeling out of breath all the time. Which translates into being less reliant on the inhaler...
Like I said, Diane is happy with me. She cautioned against eating after 9pm, but otherwise was satisfied with my progress.

We discussed continuing my meds and using the Wii in lieu of Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy, since it provides the same sort of re-training for my nervous system as conventional OT/VRT. On Wednesday, I met with the otoneurologist, who shared my results with her. It is very likely to be Meniere's Disease, since the progression of my symptoms match up almost with textbook accuracy. My hearing loss is sensorineural in nature, which means that I will require further evaluation and a hearing aid. Cochlear implants are generally advised for those with hearing loss in both ears. Scheduled the MRI, plus follow-ups with both doctors. Depending on the results, he may order an EEG for me, as well.

On a funny note, though, the doctor's office today had complimentary condoms for males and females, plus dental dams. So, of course, I pocketed some. LOL
(I think my husband will be as amused as I am.)
Reminds me of my college days, back when I was a shy virgin having to knock on the freshman boys' doors and distribute origami wallets containing condoms and breath mints. LOL

Money matters:
And, finally, the money has made it into our account. Of course, it was a year-long struggle to get to this point. So, I can breathe easier, knowing that I can avoid foreclosure and still be able to purchase holiday gifts and formalwear. We'll send the asset recovery guy his cut, plus a nice gift for being so very helpful.
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Teen Model "Too Fat" for Runway

"The average American woman is 5-foot-4 and weighs 163 pounds. The average supermodel is between 5-foot-9 and 5-foot-11 and weighs no more than 125 pounds. And as the United States spends $33 billion a year on diets and health professionals warn that the general population is getting fatter and fatter, the models get skinnier and skinnier — and so, too, do the girls and young women who try to emulate them."


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