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Hubby's computer is still in the shop. Apparently, it turned out to be a virus and a software glitch. When Windows would try to update, it would crash the entire system, after first bombarding us with psychedelic, strobe-light pixelation. The butcher's bill? $130 for fixing the problem, and an additional $100 to back up our photos, which we do not have copies of. We don't have the money to cover this, unless we dip into the property tax savings, but it has to be done.  I'm not thrilled, because it's yet another unforeseen expense that eats up our income. However, I might be able to pay half of our taxes now and agree to a payment plan for the rest. 

Meanwhile, we are still waiting on that asset recovery check. Everything that I wanted to do has been delayed indefinitely because of it, so I think it's best that for now we proceed as if we will not receive it. It's just that it would help so much right now. Plus, I'd wanted to give Bree a memorable 13th birthday party. That is still possible, of course. After discussing things with my mother, we realized that it makes more sense to fly out to Boston and have the party there. Bree wants to invite some of our female cousins, their moms, plus a few friends from out-of-state, including [ profile] katilara , [ profile] shadesong and her daughter. However, four of my cousins are pregnant and due this summer, so flying out here is not really an option. Should I go ahead and plan the party for the Boston area, though, there are two things to consider. Finding a place to host the party, of course, but also... Aidan's last week of zoo camp starts on her birthday, so we'd have to be back by then.

Oddly enough, though, it would fit in better with the Wonderland theme, because if we have her tea party on Aug. 15th or 16th, it would be an Unbirthday party. I may ask my aunt if I could host the party at her house, or else rent a hall. The airfare is the biggest thing to consider, but honestly? My family loves to throw parties, and if I swallowed my pride and asked them to pitch in, we could make this work. For example,  I could ask my brother to cover her ticket as a present. We would be preparing the food ourselves, for obvious reasons, as well as making decorations and favors, which I could do just as easily in someone else's kitchen as my own. I'm willing to swallow my pride and ask them to help make her day special.

*note* I'd rather fly out with Bryanna in an hour and spend the night at Mom's than ask my husband to drive us nine hours there, and back again, for a weekend that frankly, the boys would be bored to tears with. Her birthday falls on a Monday, which he already requested off, so if he picked Bree and I up Sunday night or Monday morning after dropping Aidan off at camp,  then he would still be able to spend the day with her.

: It would cost $150 for her round-trip ticket on Jetblue, which is doable.


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