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It may be too soon to celebrate, but it looks like the cash assistance went through. Replaced son's backpack, which had been mended twice already. Which means that after I pay our shelter rent, we can pay for either a mooring in East Greenwich or a dock slip in East Providence (which is more expensive, but more convenient for us).

Plusses: sheltered cove, inexpensive; already have a kayak; guy seems really nice and willing to work out payment; short walk to bus
Minusses: mooring ball might not have line or pickup stick, which I have difficulty with during rough currents to begin with; weather isn't great this week for kayaking to shore;  minimal experience with kayaks; having to inflate, get into, paddle, deflate, dry off, carry onto two buses, walk to shelter only to be unable to keep kayak there

Plusses: being able to check on boat easily and quickly, especially if we need to show it; less travel time overall; being able to grab belongings easily; less worry about weather and getting to shore; not having to store kayak; being able to move boat sooner and not worry the harbormaster
Minusses: $400 for the remainder of season; must travel further the day we dock; figuring out where to catch a bus

Normally, I would err on the side of frugality and pay less, but the slip sounds safer and more convenient. We could pay in full now, or see if he'd be amenable to paying half now and half in Oct. Going to contact him for more details before we decide.


Jan. 6th, 2010 12:16 pm
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Her name is  the Phoenix, and she is currently moored off Pine Island, FL. And she symbolizes everything I've wanted and feared all at once. My biggest fear is the same one that I face over every decision: that I'm making the wrong choice. That I will screw up and someone will get hurt. That I am simply not good enough... My impulse when faced with the fear of the unknown or failure is to ignore it and push forward anyway. Minor fears such as claustrophobia and aquaphobia aside,  I'm concerned about my tendency to give up too easily. Which is precisely why I want to tell the owner that we'll take her.

I need the challenge.

I'm impulsive, but rational. I do not live in a vacuum. I am not the only one that this decision will affect. There are many things to consider, not the least of which is schooling for the kids. We'd be docked for at least a year or two while we learn the ropes, so they'd be enrolled in the local public school. Technically, we could live in Salem, MA without having to pay huge property taxes. Commuting to work? There is a ferry, a commuter rail station, and a bus that would take us to Boston. Family and friends? Plenty. It may sound odd, but it would give them some stability. Vacations? Not paying for boarding for our pets, hotels, airfare, etc. sounds like a fair trade-off. Enough space for a family of four plus pets? I've lived in smaller apartments, plus it's furnished. We'd be selling/ donating our old furniture. Moving costs? Much less belongings to transport. Our new bed deflates and rolls up, and then inflates. We're in the process of getting rid of stuff we'd outgrown, to declutter our lives, and this would be a drastic paring down of items. About the only thing I'd really miss is our Wii because we just got this all for the holidays. *sigh*

More on this later, but I'm weighing the pros and cons. The Phoenix is what I want, but ahead of schedule, you know? I don't know if I'll find another boat like her for an affordable price. Bryan contacted the seller for more details, because we want to know how much it would cost for us finish the minor repairs or if we hired someone. He emailed him with the specifics, so we might ask my friend in Marco's Island to check it out with us.
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