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I've been quite busy the past few days working on craft projects for summer birthdays, and catching up with various relatives.

My mom received her necklace. She gave me a lukewarm response, though, so I guess you just can't please her sometimes. She assumed that I was giving her a big present, even though she knows that I am having financial trouble. She acted as if it was a joke gift or a placeholder, and that the "real" gift was coming. I explained that, no, I bought the pearls because I know that she loves them. Instead of thanking me, she complained about the lack of clasp. And... she brushed me off, as if I've failed her yet again, big surprise. This passive-aggressive guilt trip got old a long time ago.

All snark aside,  if she doesn't want it, I'm sure that Bryanna would appreciate having a matching necklace to go with her bracelet.

 I'm currently working on a crocheted Totoro and a fleece neko hat for Aidan. I plan to make Bryanna a Mayaa neko hat and a crocheted Catbus. If there is enough fleece left over, I'll make matching paw mittens.
Then, for fall, I will finish up the knitted mutlicolor rosette scarf, hat, and gloves set for Bree, and the purple crocheted set for Aidan.

The pinata project got delayed again. I hope to work on it with Aidan this weekend. As long as it has a day or so to dry, we'll be able to attach the crepe paper after he gets home from camp. I already have candy for it, but want to pick up some small toys. This weekend, we're going out for pizza at Great Northern Pizza Kitchen, and then hitting the Walmart supercenter for groceries and party supplies.


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