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Last night I got attacked coming off the bus in front of my kids; I had to go to the hospital because I couldn't see out of my right eye (like a solar eclipse) but CAT scan and everything came back fine, and my vision cleared up eventually. So, not supposed to be online or watching TV... but, you know me.

Ironically, I had more to worry about from a random person on a bus than from a pitbull... Pictured here is Tia, a lovable rescued pitbull whom I spent part of the weekend with. She loves her foster kittens and will ham it up for food and attention. I ♥ Tia

Tia with her unofficial CGC certificate (until the official one comes in the mail) :-)

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is currently north of Roanoke, VA on his way to Gaston County, NC to pick up 6 kitties that were scheduled for euthanasia if they were not picked up by Friday. This icon is never more appropriate than now, actually, as the fate of many animals there hang in the balance. Unfortunately, overpopulation and lack of shelter space is always a concern and it is now kitten season. In fact, one of the kittens (age 6mos) there is already pregnant.

So my husband is helping out my coworker by transporting them from NC to RI. So what if it means that he might miss my birthday on Saturday? This is the best birthday present ever! He knows what my heart wants even if I didn't ask him to help. (The other thing I want is for our siamese to be able to move in here. I'm still trying to get landlord approval.)

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My husband is my hero; he is helping my coworker by driving down to NC and picking up to six kittens up Friday from a shelter (some of whom had been scheduled for euthanization yesterday) and transporting them to RI. I can see no better way to celebrate the coming of spring and my birthday than this.
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My first article for :

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me, but soon I'll be posting another animal rescue article for
I just need to decide what to write about and contact local groups about permission for photos and such. If anyone in RI who is involved in animal rescue, rehabilitation, etc. would like to be interviewed or would like me to share information about their organization, feel free to contact me at


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