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 I'll be posting shortly with a bit of a catch-up for you all, as it's been extremely busy lately.

In short, animal rescue work has taken a chunk of my time lately, which is as it should be, and you can find me most often on Facebook. The recent rescue was both fulfilling and heartwrenching, as one cat went into early labor and only one of the three kittens that I was able to resuscitate survived the ride. The total count was closer to 40 cats and kittens; I sort of lost count due to exhaustion but I recognized all of them by sight.

Also, we moved recently into a pretty good apartment, and still are wishing for approval from our landlord for our siamese. My focus is to be able to afford his care before adopting a second cat if it became possible, as there have been a few whom need homes. It's killed me a bit inside to not be able to even consider adopting, but I believe that when the time is right for a companion for TaunWe, the right cat will appear. I kind of wish it could be one of the many bengals that my friend at Spots and Stripes Bengal Rescue has been rehabilitating and rehoming, but she lives in FL and I'd have to pay for transport myself, as it's not included in the adoption fee. 

Anyway, been trying to build upon my experiences and qualifications so that someday I can become a veterinary assistant. It's still my dream to work in animal health, although I may have to wear many hats along the way. Like petsitting, pet transport, kennel care, and grooming. My time is not my own lately, but I'm trying to balance work, education, and home life the best that I can.

~love and light~
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Yesterday my husband drove back from Buffalo with the last of our stuff from storage. Meanwhile, I received delivery of a table and chairs from the yard sale of the cat sanctuary where I volunteer. I wrote a nice letter requesting permission to bring TaunWe here, and the property manager said he'd discuss it with the boss. The trash was finally picked up after three weeks, and they dropped off recycling bins as well. So I'm willing to be a little bit patient, but I really want my cat home with us especially as it's been nearly a year since we had to put them into foster care. At least at my friends' place I could visit, but I haven't seen TaunWe since the day before Leia died.

This week, we might be driving down to NC to rescue more kittens. Like, transporting 20! cats in a cargo van... LOL
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My daughter: dairy, penicillin, Hawaiian punch (no clue)
My son: lactose, penicillin, possibly grapefruit and certain detergents
Me: lactose, penicillin, benadryl, percocet, HFCS, cinnamon oil, dust, molds and mildews

Yesterday, my son broke out in hives after consuming a grapefruit, something which he doesn't have often. I thought that it might be a reaction to laundry detergent, as it covered his back, shoulders, neck and stomach. But upon waking this morning, I remembered that I'd given him one of my grapefruits and a citrus sipper after school. (Also that I know people who have citrus allergies.) Assuming it was an allergy, I gave him claritin and spread the aloe gel on him to relieve symptoms. Rash nearly gone by morning. Will follow up with his doctor.

That morning, however, I had gone to the nutritionist and explained my symptoms and how I wanted to make sure that I was getting the right nutrients. She advised adding more nondairy products to my diet and going for allergy testing, including gluten, as she sees many people who are lactose-intolerant develop a gluten sensitivity. (My joint pain and other issues seem to be red flags, in her opinion.) If that is the case, then at least I have a good support system on livejournal and facebook of celiacs.
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Here's what happened Sunday night:

Me and the kids were on the bus; sitting a few seats behind the kids was a crazy lady who complained that Bryanna was laughing. (Bryanna has some awesome news, which I'll get to in a moment.) She said that my daughter was being so annoying, so I replied, "I don't care if you think we're annoying, this has nothing to do with you. We're minding our business."

About five minutes later, she chucked hard candy at my head, which actually hurt. I muttered to the kids to just ignore her, that she was immature. I thought that was the end of this. As the bus approached my stop, a friend with her three little kids was getting off the bus as well, and they had candy in their hands and glum expressions on their faces. I told them that it's okay; I knew they didn't throw candy at me.

Then, as I exited the bus, I noticed that Bryanna wasn't next to me, that she was still on the bus and it appeared to me that the woman might try to start something with her. So I leaned in and asked, "Are you okay?" and held my hand out to Bree. Crazy then stepped off the bus and started yelling at me about talking about her and then grabbed me by the hair! I pulled free, losing a few chunks of hair in the process, and I said, "What's your problem?"

I started to put myself between her and my kids so I could hurry them away. Meanwhile, the bitch got hold of me again, and began punching me repeatedly in the face and head. She ripped my glasses off my face (I can't see beyond a foot in front of my face clearly) while I tried to tell my kids to take my wrist key and get their dad. The apartment was around the corner, so they ran. I started screaming at her, "Get your fuckin' hands off me, you crazy bitch!" and tried to defend myself, but kept punching me and slamming my head against the iron railing. I sank down to avoid her trying to throw me over the railing, as it was at least a 15ft drop, and, thwarted, she began kicking me in the ribs. All I could do until help arrived was to take the beating and just try to deflect the worst of it. I don't know if she ran off of her own volition or if someone had to yank her off of me. The last thing I saw was her black hoodie and hotpink pants.

My friend called the cops and people began slowing their cars down to ask what happened. That was when my panic attacks set in; I couldn't stop shaking all over and started to freak out because I'd lost vision in my right eye. Eventually the police and ambulance showed up, just after Bryan did. My friend found my glasses; miraculously, the frames were only bent. By the time I finished giving my statement and got a once-over by the EMTs, my vision began to clear up and they found the bitch.

They asked me to ID her from a distance and as I couldn't see well I said, "Well, [insert her description] but the woman who did this was wearing hotpink pants and a black hoodie." As I was about to wave her away, the other cop said that she'd been picked up after changing her clothing, and recommended that I take another, closer look. When I approached the vehicle, she tried to hide her face from me, and they made her look at me. She swore at me and tried to spit at me but the window was partly up. They asked if I recognized her face, and I said, "Yessir, and I recognize her voice, too." (to her)." Stay classy, and by the way, I wasn't laughing at you anyway."

Long story short is that I spent half the night in the ER getting checked out. Staff was worried that she might have fractured my cheekbone and given me a concussion, so I had a CAT scan and was sent home with a prescription for vicodin, eye ointment, and the standard 24hr watch. I feel and look much better than I thought I would, to be honest. The most noticeable thing is the gash across my eyelid and some scrapes on my cheekbones, possibly from when she ripped my glasses off.

The next morning, the PD called me to inform me that she was currently in jail, and that the judge, after hearing about the horrific nature of my injuries and my medical history of panic attacks and depression, ruled that she serve three months in jail with probation dependent on good behavior. Once she is released, she will be on probation and there is a no-contact restraining order against her to protect my family.
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Last night I got attacked coming off the bus in front of my kids; I had to go to the hospital because I couldn't see out of my right eye (like a solar eclipse) but CAT scan and everything came back fine, and my vision cleared up eventually. So, not supposed to be online or watching TV... but, you know me.

Ironically, I had more to worry about from a random person on a bus than from a pitbull... Pictured here is Tia, a lovable rescued pitbull whom I spent part of the weekend with. She loves her foster kittens and will ham it up for food and attention. I ♥ Tia

Tia with her unofficial CGC certificate (until the official one comes in the mail) :-)


Mar. 23rd, 2012 11:48 pm
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In half an hour, it will be my birthday.

In other news, kitties... My love is currently on his way back to New England with the kitties that my coworker will be fostering. Very cute, very sweet- 1 black male, 1 bobtail male, 2 black female littermates (one with white toes), 1 tortoiseshell female, and 1 longhair grey tabby, All in all, a successful pull from the NC shelter. The only one available for adoption still there is a pregnant female kitten (6mos old) whom Bryan was not allowed to take because her "expiration date" is March 27th and he's approved only for those scheduled to be euthanized today. Only certain rescues are approved to take her, and he's not affiliated with them. He's doing this because he loves me and wants to help. (Don't worry, though; one of the groups takes in pregnant, nursing, and newborns for fostering, so she'll be okay.)

He should be here by late afternoon/ early evening. So yay! He will be able to celebrate with me.
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is currently north of Roanoke, VA on his way to Gaston County, NC to pick up 6 kitties that were scheduled for euthanasia if they were not picked up by Friday. This icon is never more appropriate than now, actually, as the fate of many animals there hang in the balance. Unfortunately, overpopulation and lack of shelter space is always a concern and it is now kitten season. In fact, one of the kittens (age 6mos) there is already pregnant.

So my husband is helping out my coworker by transporting them from NC to RI. So what if it means that he might miss my birthday on Saturday? This is the best birthday present ever! He knows what my heart wants even if I didn't ask him to help. (The other thing I want is for our siamese to be able to move in here. I'm still trying to get landlord approval.)

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My husband is my hero; he is helping my coworker by driving down to NC and picking up to six kittens up Friday from a shelter (some of whom had been scheduled for euthanization yesterday) and transporting them to RI. I can see no better way to celebrate the coming of spring and my birthday than this.


Mar. 14th, 2012 06:09 pm
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Feeling better today, once I wrapped my brain around Leia's sudden death. I was reassured by vets and vet techs that Leia had a heart problem that was difficult to diagnose without a cardiac ultrasound. Basically, cats with HCM (hypertrophic cardiac myopathy) don't always have a heart murmur and Bengals are prone to this condition. Many show no symptoms until the very end, and in her case, any sudden,stressful event could have triggered a cardiac event. There might not have been testing available when she was a kitten. Now breeders are encouraged to screen for HCM before kittens leave their cattery.

I feel like I can put this to rest now, and just remember her funny quirks and intelligence. I am grateful for having had the pleasure of raising her since kittenhood and for having friends that did their best to make her feel loved and comfortable at the end.

*Their nicknames for her: PrettyGirl and Oh-Cat. (When we saw Puss In Boots, they cracked up laughing because she makes the "oh" face that the grey cat makes.) Although they were not cat people, she grew on them.


Mar. 11th, 2012 06:30 pm
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My coworkers at PARL helped me say goodbye to my sweet bengal girl. Now my focus is on getting landlord's approval for my siamese. We've worked so hard to get back on our feet and bring our pets home to give up now. I just hope that they are willing to consider letting us keep TaunWe, even if we agreed to not get another pet once he passes on. He's an awesome cat, very gentle with babies and small children, so if he had to be adopted out, at least he'd be easy to place. Plus, I am in touch with the siamese rescue folks.

I can't blame anyone for what happened to Leia. It's likely her illness damaged her heart, and that any stressful event would have triggered a relapse. It's just difficult to reconcile her sudden death with the energetic, healthy kitty I saw only the day before. It's going to take time for our family to heal, especially as we had lost Ringo almost a year ago. *all cried out*
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My beautiful, bossy bengal girl is gone...

It's not fucking fair. I saw her yesterday (Friday) and she was back to her cheerful, bossy self. She had been playing with her catnip toys and using the litter box. The colitis was under control and she'd finished her last dose of meds Friday night. I was looking forward to bringing her home...

Then tonight: we got a call from our friend. Apparently, Leia had been hiding while she had company. The cat emerged from her closet, saw her daughter's bullmastiff on the bed, and freaked out. She raced downstairs panting, and then hid for a while. About an hour later, she started drooling and panting, and they tried everything to help her while looking for a vet (the closest one open was the 24hr one in Coventry), but her heart just gave out.

I have to say goodbye and dispose of her body tomorrow. *sigh*
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We have officially moved out of the shelter and into an apartment!
What came with us on the boat and whatever we've picked up since then now resides in my place. Plus, we were given two reclining armchairs and mattresses for the kids, so we are good for the moment.
Phase 1 is complete.

Phase 2 is getting approval for our cats to live here with us, as the lease agreement states "no pets without prior written approval" which is better than the initial "no pets allowed" information I'd gotten last week. As soon as possible, I will gather the appropriate paperwork to show that we are responsible pet owners who will clean up after our cats and be responsible for any damage they may inflict. (Of course, worded a bit differently.)

Phase 3 is collecting our stuff from the storage unit in Buffalo and bringing it back here.

It was funny to go on Facebook today and see that my friend has posted a video of her baby talking with my bengal. Leia insists on sitting on the chair at the table, and the baby was responding to each meow. <3
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Today we sign the lease and get our keys! YAY! then we can start moving stuff over, and move in once the utilities are turned on. More news to follow soon. Watch this space...

Also, we have decided to enroll in Zipcar, so that we can rent a car this weekend to go to my grandmother's 90th birthday party. >^.^<


Feb. 29th, 2012 04:40 am
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No voice today. Finally came down with illness that's been going around. Found Theraflu that I'm not allergic to. Am hungry but cannot swallow anything complicated, so I'll have to send loverboy to the store for Tofutti. LOL

Apartment: Tomorrow may be moving day, as we got word last night that they received our security deposit and we need to come in to sign the lease and get keys. Can't move in, though, until we turn on the utilities, but overall, this works out really well. We receive a utility allowance which means that technically, we don't have to pay rent ourselves until we actually get hired and our income level changes, I can't wait to move in and to collect our storage. YAY!

Today's plan: packing and trying to use up food.

Cats: Feel better after talking with the foster group, who will check with the man who had fostered them before and had bonded with Leia about whether he would be willing to foster them again until we can make arrangements. Right now, she needs to be on antibiotics and prednisone for her bouts of colitis, which will fade once she is in a less stressful environment. Both cats love kids and have been gentle with the infant and toddlers, (TaunWe lets the baby tug his ears and flop all over him, and grooms her) but it's just too much for Leia to handle right now. The vet recommends getting her tested for feline leukemia, so I might do that on Friday when they get their FVRCP booster. They are up-to-date on their rabies until next Feb. so that's good.

Job: Need to let PARL know that we're moving and that I won't be in tomorrow. Still applying for jobs. Still volunteering. Haven't given up hope, but I wonder if maybe my address is part of what's been hindering the process. If employers google it and see that it's a shelter, they might get the wrong idea about me. But at least for now we will have our own place again and know that the rent is taken care of.

Grandmothers: March 2nd is my grandmother's 90th birthday, There is a family party on Saturday wihch we may be able to attend; we're looking into using a Zipcar, on the advice of a LJ friend. ^_^  My gran and I are very close friends, and its' been two years since I've seen her so I am determined to work things out this weekend. She still is fairly active, but is starting to slow down now.

Speaking of grandmothers, we spent yesterday with Bryan's gran. She wants to help us with furniture and/or a washer/dryer. Because we have w/d hookup.
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Guys, I'm really stressing now about the cats. It dawned on me this morning that although I have the pet policy form for public housing which permits up to two cats, that we'll be meeting with section 8 this morning and the property manager this afternoon... and I'm not sure if they follow the same guidelines. If not, then I will have to make arrangements for the cats, i.e. contact my boss at the cat sanctuary. (They would be allowed to live out their natural lives there if not adopted.)

If they do accept pets and the housing pet policy, then I need to schedule the vet visit, have Leia tested for feline leukemia, update vaccinations, and have the vet sign a form for housing. I need to print out the rabies vaccination certificates that are on my flash drive. Then I have to provide a pet deposit fee when I submit the pet policy. I do have some money saved up which was intended for purchasing a car, but family comes first. I'm trying not to spiral into panic mode. It may not be a problem at all. The meds have been working well; however, I should contact my therapist about claiming the cats as therapy pets just in case.

Leia and TaunWe have been through a lot. They've adapted well to new places and people, but in Leia's case, the stress is exacerbating her symptoms. I can administer her meds and give her a calm, quiet environment, and she will recover. If the vet wants her to be on Prozac, I'll give it to her. I can retrain her to use the toilet if using the litter box is too painful for her right now. Just please allow us to keep our cats in the new apartment.
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If all goes well, Monday we meet with Section 8 housing to sign some papers and go over rules, and then we get to look at the apartments and decide which one we want. As soon as I get my keys, I'm buying an air mattress and a scratching post for my cats. Then my love will drive to Buffalo and collect our stuff from storage. Say goodbye to homelessness!

I sometimes miss certain aspects of living aboard, I'm glad to be back on land and to have had the opportunity. I can finally get past the traumatic events and focus on the parts which I enjoyed about sailing, My one regret is that our dog didn't complete the journey with us. However, Ringo inspired me to go back to school for my veterinary education and devote my career to animal rescue.I love what I do at the Woonsocket Cat Sanctuary and the Providence Animal Rescue League.  I now write for (although it's a slow start) about local animal news while I continue to apply for animal care jobs. I finally feel like my life is back on track.

Next goal to accomplish: getting my driver's license...
(Learning to sail was much more difficult, so I can do this. "No Fear".)
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Woonsocket Cat Sanctuary puts the "fun" in Foxwoods fundraiser...
If you'd like to read more of my articles, I am the Providence Animal Rescue Examiner. My first job as a published writer! I haven't published much yet, but I'm writing daily, compiling information about local animal rescue organizations and upcoming events, plus I spend a lot of time on Facebook networking with others in the animal care field.

Also, I'm continuing to volunteer at the WCS and PARL, and have applied for numerous jobs in animal care, the most recent one being for the kennel attendant position at the Animal Rescue League of Southern Rhode Island. The only difference between that job and the one I currently have at PARL is that it is a paid position. Plus, my ACT instructor has been recommending me for a possible veterinary assistant-type program through Crossroads, if her boss can get it off the ground. So, yay!

My gran's 90th birthday party will be held March 3rd in Weymouth, MA so I'm working on transportation. The car that we were looking at turned out to have major exhaust problems, so back to the drawing board for a cheap, dependable vehicle. There is still the RIPTA bus, though, which services most of RI. If I don't have a car by then, I will need to take the commuter rail to Mansfield and ask relatives for a ride.

Major improvement on the housing end; Section 8 might be approved soon, which means possibly moving in by March 1st. This would give me a chance to grab my stuff from Buffalo storage and my cats from Providence, and then all I would need is to procure a table/chairs set and sofa. I had been looking at apartments as we were approved for a subsidy program that would supplement our first few months rent, thereby allowing us more time for the job search.

I'd like to be employed by my birthday. That is my wish. Universe, work your magic. I am open to possibilities.

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Missing girl in Providence, RI- Text messages indicated she was tied up and would be killed and that she had no idea where she was. Police said anyone with information about Liberty's whereabouts should call 911 or 401-462-6237 immediately.

EDIT: 7:30pm
BREAKING NEWS - AMBER ALERT UPDATE: A 13-year-old girl who was reported missing has been found unharmed at Providence Place, according to the Rhode Island State Police and Providence Police Department.
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My kids are dependable, responsible, intelligent, etc. In short, they are awesome and I thank my lucky stars daily that they are not into drugs or getting into the kind of trouble that you always hear about.

Which is why when my son did not come home from school today I was quite obviously worried...

I figured that he probably went to the library straight from school like his sister did, as it's on the way home and tonight is Anime Night. I usually pack sandwiches and meet both kids there before she goes to the youth center. However, I bumped into her first on her way there, and she said that he wasn't at the library. I walked to the library and let the security guard know to send him home if he sees him, and continued on to the school, which was being locked up by the janitor as I arrived. No Aidan.

Okay, cue panic attack; this town is pretty small, and there is nothing else to do. He doesn't usually go anywhere but the library or home after school. So I walked back, hoping maybe I had missed him, which was improbable as it's just one long, straight shot home from the school and library. When I got there, I said, "Please tell me Aidan is home with you..." to which he threw on his coat and shoes and we rushed out the door. I tried not to imagine the worst case scenarios. We called the hospital just in case he had broken his ankle or something and was being treated, and let the office know that we were searching for him.
At this point, he'd been missing three and a half hours.

Retracing our steps, we finally ran into him about a block from the library. Apparently, he'd gone to a friend's house to help with a school project and forgot to call us, but his friend's older sister was kind enough to walk back with him as she figured we were probably freaking out by then.

*tries to take deep, calming breaths...*


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