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A lot has happened in my life since I last posted on Livejournal.

The major events include my daughter Bryanna going off to college. She has maintained an impressive GPA for all four semesters thus far. She's a Dean's Scholar, and that includes a scholarship. Very proud of her for many reasons, not just her grades; she was very shy and has really found her voice there. She's very independent, and although I do get misty-eyed when we send her off after breaks, I'm extremely happy for her.

Our other daughter Alice will be finishing up high school next year. I began homeschooling in Fall 2015 and it mostly is working out. Sometimes we don't feel like working, so we take a day off from studies, but for the most part, as long as I've covered most of the textbooks, I'm satisfied. The downside is that she doesn't get to see her friends often, but we are trying to change that. Also, we have been working on getting her name changed legally, which should go through this week.

My husband got hired by a really good company. He likes his job as a concierge, and, while we are still below the poverty line, we qualified for assistance. It turned out that there had been a glitch of sorts preventing our family from being eligible- I was inaccurately listed as having been incarcerated, thus disqualifying us for assistance. Well, eventually I got that straightened out, and now we are doing much better.

My fiction has been stalled for the moment. I went through a bit of depression this winter and really haven't worked on my novel(s). I still know where the story is going. I have notebooks filled with backstory, plot, and scenes, ready to be copied onto my computer. I have a new computer with better stats, so I can play the Sims 2 without lag. Eventually, I will continue the novels but I have a lot on my plate right now.

I stopped working, partly to teach at home but mainly due to my disability. I still miss working with dogs but the commute was rough.

And, last week we returned from a much-needed vacation. Atlanta-New Orleans-Washington DC. So much walking! Sunburnt and exhausted, but definitely better in spirit. Next time we plan a road trip, hopefully Bryanna will be able to come with us.


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