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My daughter graduates tomorrow at 4pm. I want to be happy and supportive, but right now I am just plain tired and have to deep-clean. Because my mom was going to a hotel, I wasn't worried about cleaning, because my husband was going to pick her up in the morning, bring her to our place until graduation, then going to dinner and drop her off at the hotel/motel. However, due to her habit of procrastination and inability to plan ("I don't like to plan things, we'll just work something out."), even though I ended up giving her the information two weeks ago, she didn't check with relatives about getting a ride back up north (my husband would not be available to drive her back). So he told me that if she just waits for him to get out of work, he would drive her home (north of Boston).
Even better, when I called today to find out which one she was staying at, it turned out that she never called any of the hotels on the list. I guess she expected me to book and pay for the room, but she didn't ask me to. So, the day before a major event, I spend the entire morning trying to find a motel or B&B, something under $100. Actually found two rooms available but she lost her chance because she didn't call them right away. She was appalled that the cheap one ($72 per night) didn't offer breakfast, that she would have to take a short bus ride up the highway to the nearest restaurant because there is no sidewalk. Or just stay on the bus to my place, which I'd offered to meet her and carry her stuff, but nope. The other option was the Holiday Inn, ($142 per night, which is already out of her price range but I'd have to help pay for) which is not even on my bus route, so if my husband is at work, she would have no way to get to my place or the commuter rail station.
So at this point, all she can do is spend the night here and we drive her back Sat. night, but OH, NO, that just won't do. She wants to leave when she wants to leave, but doesn't have a set time to go, doesn't want to take the 3hrs or more of public transportation back with her bad back, and doesn't want to stay at our place. Unless my aunt drives to the graduation and brings her back to the south shore for the night, which defeats the purpose of having my husband pick her up at 8am tomorrow. And she doesn't want my aunt to drive her down because my aunt gets lost.

My brain hurts.
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