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Because of the holiday, I have a little bit more income to work with. Which is a good thing, since, thanks to Bryan's ex-boss, we were unable to get the required termination of employment notice in order to continue receiving food stamps. Six months of trying to get him to cooperate. I'm trying to remain calm about this, but I had expected the recertification to go smoothly. My husband started working part-time, and I work per-diem. Income-wise, we are staggering out our paychecks. I worked two days for which I got paid last week, then a full week paid yesterday. He was paid for two days yesterday, and will get paid for a full week Friday. (I wasn't scheduled this week, so no pay for me Friday.) We will squeak by for July, but August will be tough without health insurance, food stamps, and my bus pass.
I'm not a litigious person, but I think it may be a good idea to consult legal services and hope to find pro bono help. Lost wages, not providing tax forms or termination notice, financial hardship, loss of benefits, and possible loss of driver's license due to his boss's actions (or would it be inaction?) We never received any verification of the cost of repairs when he brought our car in for service, the cost which was deducted from Bryan's pay. The only contact since his job ended were a few phone calls about three MA DOT fines that were incurred by the boss while our car was in his hands.
Also, in car-related news, we have to pay some of the excise tax by the 26th.
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