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Once upon a time, there lived a little girl who loved the story of Rapunzel, who sang like Crystal Gayle and wove flowers into her long hair. She believed in happily ever after and a noble prince who would whisk her off to a land far away. She dreamed of taming unicorns, went on adventures in her mind through the magic of literacy, danced in the rain, sang in the street and caught fireflies in jars and snowflakes on her tongue. Nature's child, the Fool gleefully taking leaps of faith and chasing the morning...
She grew up, as children tend to do, and sometimes the world's lessons were harsh to bear. The Red Bull chased the unicorns into the sea, and Prince Charming turned out to be a beast in disguise. Hair shorn, ankles weak, she cried for her lost innocence... but somewhere deep inside, she kept a firefly alive in a jar and still found her Voice. Her ballet shoes may be scuffed, their ribbons frayed at the ends, and her knight's armor somewhat tarnished- but all in all, she's gotten a great deal of use out of them. Because sometimes the fair maiden must become her own prince-in-disguise, and sometimes, in a world devoid of magick, you must make your own...

Write your own fairytales...

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