Jun. 25th, 2015

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My husband's new job puts us just over the poverty guideline, which means we no longer qualify for food stamps or medicaid. Housing covers $100 of the rent right now, before calculating the loss of benefits, so the amount we pay may change. I enrolled in a new health plan for folks in transition like us; we'll pay $93 a month for medical and dental, plus whatever copays. It's not bad, per se- it will be cheaper than the plans his company gave us info on. However, the downside is the number of prescriptions we are on, as the plan goes by tiered levels. Insulin, of course, will be the big issue. Vision care isn't covered by this plan, so I was told I'd have to find a vision plan on my own. Thank goodness I finally got my hearing aids today, although I still need to buy hearing aid batteries a few times a month.

I thought that things would get better for us with his new job, that we would finally pull ahead. However, it seems like we will be digging ourselves deeper in debt, and there are so many minor expenses cropping up that I'm getting stressed out over. The ironic thing? If I quit my job, a difference of a few hundred dollars would put us back under the poverty guidelines and we'd qualify for medicaid and food stamps. His insulin would be covered by insurance, without copay. As things stand, one daughter starts college this fall. When she graduates, there will be student loans to consider (I resisted the idea of taking out a loan, but there was no other way given the time frame.) Pretty much, we need to curb our spending, which is difficult when his job requires traveling a lot, Then, come November, he will be temporarily "laid-off" for two months since TruGreen won't need sales reps until Jan.

Overall, I am trying to stay positive. This position pays better than any job he's had, yet our expenses also have increased. So wish me luck trying to balance things.


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